Wesley's CFL

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Energy & Environment

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Wesley's CFL

Compact fluorescent lamp

Only 10 or 15% of energy used on a incandescent lamp is used of on a compact fluorescent lamp. The life stand of this lamp is 10 times longer than a normal lamp. You can help save the environment because less carbon dioxide is created. You can get the same amount of light but with less energy. Less heat is created so then the chance of a fire is lowered. There is less mercury in the bulb and so there is less toxic and more safety.

Choose one that can help save you energy. Choose the lamps with the right voltage or else it would create too much heat and cause a fire.

Why compact fluorescent lamp is better than incandescent lamps

Tips for choosing the right compact fluorscent lamp:

Images of compact fluorescent lamp

Other ways people would call a Compact Fluorescent Lamp is:CFL



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