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Wellness Proj

These different assets have played a major role on the decisions that I make. I learned that my family will always support me which makes it important to set them as a priority to me. I am proud that I do things that I love and have self worth because I am a happier person because of it. I was surprised to learn that the safety of my school and home life could play such a huge role on the decisions I make and how I act, even though I have a very safe environment. Even though i consider myself very modivated, I would like to improve my motivation towards school work and try harder to get good grades.

Commitment to Learning:I am extremely modivated to do well in school. I set goals and study hard because my education is very important to me.

Positive Identity: My life is full of meaning and I never have thoughts of it being worthless. I surround myself with people I enjoy and things I love to do.

Support: My family encourages me to achieve my goals in life which helps me live a happier life achieving things I want to do with my life.

Empowerment: My home and school lives are very safe and I am very comfortable in both areas. This is important to keeping me happy and feeling safe where I am most of my life.

Working TowardA Healthy IdentityBy Catherine Argue

Boundaries& Expectations: My mom is a positive role model and always encourages me to live a happy life. She keeps me in line and teaches me how to be responsible.

Social Competencies: I am against violence, so when I am in a dispute with someone, I solve the issue with communicating to try and understand their side of the argument.

Positive Values:I am a very responsible person. I was raised to be responsible and I love to help others.

Constructive Use of Time: I spend a lot of time out of school and sports doing creative activities i love like drawing and painting. This makes my life more fun and artsy.



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