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Welcome to the 2nd - 4th grade science lab atIsidore Newman School in New Orleans.

Visit this glog regulary to see what is happening in the science lab and to learn more about upcoming events in science.

Lower School Science

The Lower School science program is an introductory level group of courses. Its purpose is to illustrate to students that science encompasses all aspects of our daily lives. The courses are designed so that all students can be successful in “discovering” science. The course also strives to promote positive attitudes toward the discipline and to assist students with the development of scientific reasoning.The science curriculum employs hands-on, inquiry based learning methods. Students learn most effectively when they have a central role in the discovery process. Students develop an understanding of the concepts and topics presented through observation, inquiry, research, and discovery. Concepts are introduced and explained through explorations, multi-media presentations and readings. Concepts are reinforced through hands-on experiments, investigations and activities that address students’ varying learning styles. Isidore Newman School’s Lower School science program stresses the usage of a project based learning (PBL) approach. PBL is an instructional approach emphasizing students learning through active inquiry in small groups; it downplays the teacher as the “information distributor.” The three essential elements in our project based learning approach: (1) Student centered learning, (2) Small group cooperation, and (3) Freely structured problems, questions, or prompts embedded with links to desired learning content and outcomes.

To visit your child's science class or to learn more, please contact Jennifer Williams at Jwilliams@newmanschool.org or 504-896-6569.


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