Welcome To The Future - Brad Paisley

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Welcome To The Future - Brad Paisley

"Welcome To The Future" - Brad Paisley -

When I was ten years oldI remember thinking how cool it would beWhen we were goin' on an eight hour driveIf I could just watch TVAnd I'd-a given anythingTo have my own Pac-Man game at homeI used to have to get a ride down to the arcadeAnd now I've got it on my phoneHey, glory, glory, hallelujahWelcome to the futureMy grandpa was in World War IIHe fought against the JapaneseHe wrote a hundred letters to my grandmaMailed them from his base in the PhilippinesI wish they could see this nowThe world they saved has changed, you know'Cause I was on a video chat this morningWith a company in TokyoHey, every day's a revolutionWelcome to the future(Hey) Look around, it's all so clear(Hey) Wherever we were goin', well we're here(Hey) So many things I never thought I'd seeHappening right in front of meI had a friend in schoolRunning back on the football teamThey burned a cross in his front yardFor asking out the homecoming queenI thought about him todayAnd everybody who's seen what he's seenFrom a woman on a busTo a man with a dreamHey, wake up Martin LutherWelcome to the futureHey, glory, glory, hallelujahWelcome to the future


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