Welcome to Pennsylvania!

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American History

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Welcome to Pennsylvania!

Located near New York, New Jersey, and Deleware, Pennsylvania is one of the middle colonies - and is certainly the best of them all! One of the only countries to offer religious freedom to all of its people, Pennsylvania is the place to be.

Welcome to Pennsylvania!

Founded by William Penn in 1681 and named after Penn's father, Pennsylvania became a part of the colonies. Unlike many settlements before it, Pennsylvania thrived, and has become one of the most well known colonies in the region.

Independence Hall

Are you still unsure about joining the colony of Pennsylvania? If so, why not take a look at this video to gain a little more information!

Pennsylvania is a diverse, exciting colony that has established good relations with all those in the surrounding areas. There's plenty of space to occupy, and you'll be sure to find a nice place to call home.


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