Welcome to Orlando

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Welcome to Orlando

Origin of OrlandoPrior to being known by its current name , Orlando was known as Jernigan this originates from the first permanant settler Araon Jerigan

FUN FACTS 1.Orlando is the 77th largest city in the u.s2. Orlando has over 5000 reasturants.3. Orlando holds 249,562 people living there !4. Orlando is one of the biggest distination for tourism.5. Orlando is also reffered as to " The City Beautifull ".

Local food &Traditions1. Orlando has a variety of foods to eat so you will never be hungry . The foods in orlando go from italian to chinese food. There are lots of reasturants and each reaturant holds a backround on what they provide. In orlando there really isnt a spesific famous food because of the variey everyone wants to eat what they want ! 2.Its very hard to have many traditions in a such diverse enviorment , but there many . A tradition that always occurs each year is the singing christmas tree at the first baptist . The singing tree unites many people to get together and form a christmas tree and they start singing. The tree has many different beautifull colors and it is very cool to hear such amount of people sing at the same time .

Must See Places1. If you like mickey and minnie , make sure to go to Walt disney world !2. Want to swim side by side with sea animals well then head to Discovery Cove.3.Cirque De Soleil is a great circus that surely amazes.4.If you like animals make sure to go to Sea World.5.Roller coasters , rides , and 4d movies all are availble at Universal studios and i know you wont want to miss those.


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