Welcome to New Jersey

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Social Studies
American History

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Welcome to New Jersey

New Jersey is a wonderful place here are some facts about one of New Jersey inventions a submarine.A submarine is really usefull for war. The submarine was bulit in the 1620s.The first submarine is 14 feet long.

Next were going to talk about a famous magician from New Jersey David copperfield.David copperfield made the statue of liberty dissaper.He also walked through the great wall of china.he is the best magician to win 21 emmy awards.

On november 20,1789,New jersey became the first state to ratify the bill of rights.Bill of rights is a statement fundamental rights and privileges.One other definition is a rights retaned by the people.

Hi, here is a place in New Jersey that is famous like the washington headquarters.The headquarters was bulit in the 1770's.It was bulit in morristown,New Jersey.washington stayed there for 6 months.

Welcome to New Jersey


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