[2015] Tommy Pham (Sem 2 LoCelso Geo Pd 3): Welcome to Montreal!

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[2015] Tommy Pham (Sem 2 LoCelso Geo Pd 3): Welcome to Montreal!

Explore Mont-Royal!


Welcome to Montreal!Bienvenue à Montréal!

Be amazed by what you can see in the Space for Life (Espace pour la vie)!

Taste sweet maple syrups in an old fashioned sugar shack!

Watch Just for Laughs Live!

Experience the L'Orchestra Symphonique de Montreal (OSM)!

Home to the Montreal Canadiens, a wide range of arts to see and hear, a bilingual population, and more, Montreal is the place to visit!


Eat delicious and creative poutines in Montreal!

Some of the things you could do in Montreal

Watch The Habs (Montreal Canadiens) play hockey!

Escape hot summers or harsh winters and shop in the Underground City (RÉSO)!

Go back in time when you visit Old Montréal!


  • LibraryTDSS 6 years ago

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    Well done. I wouldn't include rotisserie chicken as a food speciality of the area, there are many other unique places to Montreal. Also, look to include a few more attractions. Montreal has many interesting things to do and places to see including Old Montreal