Welcome to Mohenjo-Daro

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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Welcome to Mohenjo-Daro

Founded in- 2700

Located on the Indus- Sarasvaticivilization

Welcome to Mohenjo-Daro

Sophie Gustavson

Join us today!

Here at Mohenjo-Daro, we have a safe, beautiful civilization with plenty of food and water, and many other things for a good civilization too! We use weights and scales, statues and beads, seals, games, and also clay models. We use pictograph writing to communicate, have a public bath, and even a sewer system! In our civilization, we have private, two-story houses, with flat roofs, and private bathrooms, so our society can be comfortable and relaxed! So please, move to our civilization today, and become part of this great society in Ancient India!

come visit!

Move here!


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