Welcome to Magnificient Mesopotamia

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Welcome to Magnificient Mesopotamia

---Welcome toMagnificent Mesopotamia---

Located next to the City Of Ur, a- wonderful home for you! -

A beutiful home between the two flowing rivers in the city of Ur, right next to the temple of worship so you and your family only have to walk a short distance on your way to worship.Protected by the safe walls of mesopotamia you won't ever have to worry about your familys saftey.

------531 HammmurabiDrive, inside the safe walls of Ur----------------------


There a strict set of laws in place called the Hammurabi's code to ensure that justice is served and your family will be politically happy in there new home!

Cuniform! Your children and you can learn this technologically advanced writing invented by the mesopotamian and communicate with others!

There are many jobs for many different subjects that will support you and your family. The irrigation of the rivers is a big subject that could be perfect for you and your family to earn some money.

Only a short walk to the temple making it easy to go pray to the gods when it is needed

We are home to the first idea's of irrigation and the famous wheel!The ruler of you city state will make sure justice is served on your behalf!


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