Welcome to London

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Welcome to London

Lucky you!Never has a travel guide been so easy to use - brief and fun! Your travel-guide is a 16 year old teenager, a London lover and expert , who once was just a curious tourist in the city in March 2013. .


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Welcome to LONDON! The world's capital of finance, fashion, arts and entertainment. In this mini tour-guide you will discover London in three main sections. Culture -Brief History -Fine Arts -Architecture -CuisineAttractions-Museums-Churches-Famous sights-ParksCity life -Squares and Streets-Transportation2)

Hi all the curious e-tourists out there!If you are either willing to visit London, discover London or just wondering how the city looks like, you're all welcome here. I will be your e-guide! Just sit back and relax. The only thing you have to do is click on your mouse to get to know this beautiful city with me. Name: Büke Age:16 Location: Istanbul/Turkey(I tell you, Istanbul is as magnificent as London.)Highschool:Robert CollegeInstructor: Pelin Rau (I also tell you, she's as cool as the weather in London)Contact info: ozenis.16@robcol.k12.tr

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