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Welcome to Glogs/wiki course

Good Morning 21st Century Educators! Welcome to Wiki & Glogs: Home to School MAGIC!!!

Liz Kerrigan6th Grade

Meet your instructors....

Donna CriswellInstructional

Thank you for joining us for this two day technology workshop! We are very excited to introduce you to some great teaching tools that you can bring into your classroom for in-class use AND for at home use! If you scroll all the way down, you will see a place for comments. Please answer the following questions in the comment box and submit. It is helpful if you number your answers. Question #1: What grade level do you teach and where? Question #2: What is one way that you already bridge the "home-school" connection in your classroom/at your school? Question #3: Describe your experience with Glogster or Wikis. IF you have not used either before, thats fine...we are excited to get you excited about these great Web 2.o tools. Question #4: Where is your favorite vacation spot?!

Welcome letter and your first wiki task!



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