Welcome to Electricity: Building Circuits

by lynnbradley
Last updated 4 years ago

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Welcome to Electricity: Building Circuits

Build your own circuit

You will find many activities on this page to practice building circuits. If there is a arrow beside the activity, make sure to keep a journal of what you did and how it worked. Add pictures and drawings to your work.

Help MI High's Oscar recover his lost camera by building electrical circuits to rescue him, but be careful of the Gnome Cams!

Make a potatoe clock! Watch it - then build it.

How does this fit into a lesson about circuits?

Build a circuit in a pizza box!

Make an electronic matching game

You have finished this lesson on electricity. Make sure to rate it 1-5 and explain your number. Make sure you have uploaded all your work to your journal.

How many ways can you completethe circuit to make turn light on?


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