Welcome to Columbia!

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Welcome to Columbia!

Welcome to Columbia!

Columbia's heart ( Bogota)

(Catedral de sal)

It is located about 120m below ground. Its size is so enourmous that it can accommodate 8000 people.There is prie-dieu in front of the cross, so we can see lots of prayers.


Trace remaining in Spain ( Cartagena )

It built massive fortress for the damage caused by pirates, they were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage.Also baroque and colonical houses are fancy.

CCLC ( Coffee Cultural landscape of Columbia)

It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage.It has been preserved for 100 years.It has sustainable development and maintain creative traditions.18 cities and farmlands in Central Andes mountains, west of Colombia are included. It is comparably better than any other coffee plantations.

AREPAS (Bogota)

People usually eat this breakfast or evening for snack. It means flat bread, made of corn or flour. We can make it by direct roasting in fire or fried in oven.people eat onion, cheeze, evaporated milk or etc with it.


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