Welcome to Canada

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Welcome to Canada

Then a long travel ,we arrived to Quebec, here we took a boat, which traveled a bit into the Atlantic Ocean, we ate a delicious breakfast with coffee, juice and the traditional hotcakes with maple syrup, for the lunch we ate something call fiddleheads , is like a salad ,very healthy...

One day we decide to start a travel, where? Canada , how? doing a tour , starting in Quebec, then to Montreal and finally the capital of Canada, Ottawa, we hope that you enjoy the travel ,so here we go...Ps: in three days we ate a lot of different things, and here are the proof =) XOXO

We started here!!

In Canada the most inportant meal is the dinner, and we chose Pate Chinoise , who is like a pastel de papa, but with corn and cream corn, the dessert was a piece of Tourtiéres, a cake filling of beef, all was very delicious

look at the atlantic ocean!!!


Welcome to CanadaWelcome to Canada

First day...

the next day we moved to Montreal, to a hotel , in the breakfast we ate coffee with a Smoked Meat Sandwich , then we went to the Montreal Botanical Gardens, Notre-Dame Basilica, Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal.

The last day :(

Day 2

the lunch was a amazing plate of Calgary Beef Hash,at the end of the day we went to a restaurant , to relax , talk , and ate Poutine (fries with gravy and curd ), to close the day we walk around the St. Denis street...

the last day was in Ottawa the capital of Canada, in the morning we ate trempettes, then we went to the Mayor Hill Park, the lunch was rabbit stew, we traveled around the city,Rideau Canal , and ate just a tea with Pudding au Chomeur, the end of our travel it was close , so we decide to close this incredible journey , we went to the niagara falls and just feel the sounds of the mother nature.


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