Wei 3/4A Rhino Wars

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Wei 3/4A Rhino Wars

Rhino WarsThe stealing of their horns

More then 700 rhinos are being killed each year for their horns, leaving baby rhinos to fend on their own.

The exact spot to hit a rhino is 6 inches behind the eye, and 2 inches in front of the ear, will hit the rhino's brain, and cause it to collapse. Then the poacher could use a penknife to cut off the horn at the base.

Many scientists are trying to put poisen in the horn using a patented high-pressure device. There also is a pink dye put into the horn, turning it bright pink, and it makes the horn useless to use for medicine.

What scientists are trying to do to stop the poaching

Scientists and park rangers are taging many rhinos, so they can see where they go. They can also see when a rhino is shot down, so they can possibly try to catch the poacher. GPS tracking devices are also sometimes put into the horn.

Many poachers are killing rhinos for their horns so they can sell them. As the demand gets higher for the horns to use it for medicene, the rhino population is decreasing as poachers shoot the rhinos down.

Rhino horn price has increased much more on the black market. One horn could be 3,500 euros, or about $4,500. An ounce of rhino horn can cost from $33 $133 dollars. The price is twice as much as gold, and more expensive than cocaine.

A 300 grain bullet shot from a high callibre weapon or rifle will pierce the rhino's brain, causing the rhino to collapse.

Knifes are used to cut off the rhino's horn

The vietnamese think that rhino horn can be used to cure hangovers and cancer. They ground the rhino horn into a powder, then put it in a bowl and cook, making a sickly white fluid, that they would drink. Rhino powder(from the horn) is a traditional chinese medicene, believed to cure fevers, gout, and other disorders.

The rhino population thrives at first, but when more people in China and Vietnam demand rhino horn, the white rhino is decreasing at a faster and faster pace.

There are many beliefs in how the rhino horn can be used, but rhino horn is made out of keratin, the same thing our fingernails are made out of. Studies also showed that rhino horn powder slightly lowered fever in rats, so you would do just as well chewing on your fingernails than using rhino horn, to cure your fever.

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