Week Six Prompt Task

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Week Six Prompt Task

From Foster, Australia to Cork, IrelandIf i could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to Cork - the second largest city in Ireland. One side of my family originates from Ireland (the 'Donovan' side, not surprisingly!), and having received an Irish first name, I have always gone out of my way to align myself with this aspect of our heritage. However, I have never been lucky enough to visit. The choice of Cork as my specific location is simply due to images of the banks of Cork Harbour I have seen. These banks - moslty built up locations - differ substantially from the coastline near my home town of Foster.

1) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?2) How would you get there? How long would it take? 3) How far is it from your home? How does it resemble and differ from where you live?

Week Six Prompt Task

Where in the world

would you go?

According to Google Maps, Tullamarine Airport is a 197km drive from Foster According to Fair Compare, the shortest flight between Melbourne and Cork is approximately 17,458km!

How far away it is.

Foster is a small town of approx 1000 people, whilst Cork has around 120 000. However, whilst they differ substantially in an urban sense, the rural outskirts of Cork - the rolling hills and luscious green grass - are strikingly similar to the hill lands outside Foster.

How do they compare?

How I'm travelling

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Cork Harbour

Main Street, Foster



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