Week of October 7th

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Week of October 7th

Classroom News

Reading/LA: This week we are continuing story 3 from the "Calle de la lectura" book. Vocabulary and Word Analysis words are found on Quizlet.

MATHSKILL: Use Models & Decimals to Multiply DecimalsLessons:Lesson 4-1: Multiply decimals by powers of 10Lesson 4-2: Estimate the product of a decimal and a whole numberLesson 4-3: Use models to multiply a decimal and a whole numberLesson 4-4: Multiply a decimal by a whole numberLesson 4-5: Use models to multiply a decimal by a decimalLesson 4-6: Multiply decimals using partial productsLesson 4-7: Use properties to multiply decimalsLesson 4-8: Use number sense to multiply decimalsLesson 4-9: Multiply decimalsLesson 4-10: Model with math*Review and pre-test*Test #4

Language Arts & ReadingGenre: BiographySkill: Fact & OpinionStrategy: QuestioningVocabulary Skill: AntonymsWord Analysis: Shades of MeaningConventions: Compound/Complex sentences/ConjunctionsWriting: Text Dependent Questions

WEEKLY TESTS/ASSIGNMENTSReading/LA: End of story testsReading: 10/11/18 (vocabulary, word analysis, comprehension skill/strategy, and Text dependent question)Grammar: 10/14/19AR Goals: due 11/01/19Math - Topic 3: 10/07/19Daily Review 3: 10/07/19SS 5th: Chapters 1-3: 10/09/19Science: Chapter 1: 10/10/19

Social Studies5th: This week we will finalize chapters 1-3. Chapters 4 & 5: We will begin to learn about the European Explorers, their motives for exploration, and their positive/negative impacts on the new world.6th: This week we will begin learning about Ancient Egypt's Civilization.



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