Week of November 21st

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Week of November 21st

Classroom News

4th Reading/Language ArtsTrickster Tale Comprehension Skill: Author's PurposeStrategy: Story StructureVocabulary Skill: Synonyms/AntonymsWord Analysis: Compound WordsConventions: Action & Linking VerbsWriting: Writing Traits

Reading/LA: This week we will finalize the story on the "Calle de la lectura" book. Vocabulary and Word Analysis words are found on Quizlet.

5th Reading/Language ArtsExpositive TextComprehension Skill: Draw ConclusionsStrategy: QuestioningVocabulary Skill: Word endings -ario, -torio/aWord Analysis: Word Endings: -ando/-iendo, -ado/-idoConventions: Independent & Dependent ClausesWriting: Writing Traits

Social Studies4th: This week we will continue studying the Midwest Region. Students will learn about the Natural Resources/Products and Monuments.5th: We start Chapter 7: Comparing the Colonies. Students will learn how the geography, climate, and resources available in the different colonial regions determined the lifestyles and available jobs for the people living there.

WEEKLY TESTS/ASSIGNMENTSReading/LA: End of story testsReading: 11/30/17 (Vocabulary, Word Analysis, Reading Comprehension Skill/Strategy, Text Dependent Question - RACES)Grammar: 12/01/17Magazines: ¿Que tal?/Ahora: 12/08/17Social Studies4th & 5th: to be announced



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