Week of November 18th

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Week of November 18th

Classroom News

MATH Skill: Use Models & Strategies to Divide DecimalsThis Week's Lessons: Lesson 6-3: Use models to divide by a 1-digit whole numberLesson 6-4: Divide by a 1-digit whole numberLesson 6-5: Divide by a 2-digit whole numberLesson 6-6: Use number sense to divide decimalsLesson 6-7: Divide by a decimal

Language Arts and Reading: This week we will begin a new grammar lesson, and continue to work on the TDA (Text Dependent Writing) paragraphs. No Reading or Spelling lessons this week.

Language Arts & ReadingNon-fictionComprehension Skill: InferringStrategy: QuestioningConventions: VerbsWriting: TDA - Text Dependent Analysis

WEEKLY TESTS/ASSIGNMENTSReading/Language Arts: Grammar: 11/25/19Math: Tuesday Dozen: 11/26/19Social Studies:6th: Ancient Greece & Egypt Comparison Essay - Due 11/19/19

Social Studies:5th: This week, we will begin Chapter 6: The First English Settlements in the New world.6th: Ancient Greece. We will continue to discuss the differences between Ancient Greece and Egypt. We will discuss how the geography and climate affected these civilizations, and their culture.



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