Week of November 11th

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Week of November 11th

Reading/LA: We will not read a new story this week. Spelling words are found on Quizlet.

Classroom News

MATHSkill: Use Models & Strategies to Divide Decimals This week's lessons:Lesson 6-1:Patterns for dividing with decimalsLesson 6-2: Estimate decimal quotients

Reading/Language ArtsNon-fictionComprehension Skill: InferringStrategy: QuestioningSpelling: Words with Diphthong, Triphthong, and HiatusWriting: TDA - Text Dependent Analysis

WEEKLY TESTS/ASSIGNMENTSReading/Language ArtsSpelling:11/15/19Math:Tuesday Dozen: 11/26/19Social Studies:5th: Chapter 5 student paragraph- 11/20/176th: Ancient Greece/Egypt comparison essay - 11/19/19

Social Studies5th: Chapter 5: Exploration Routes to the New World. The students will work as groups to investigate and present a project about one of the most prominent seven explorers who came to the New World. 6th: Ancient Greece. We will learn about the geography, climate, natural resources, and defenses in ancient Greece. We will discuss how these influenced the development of the civilization, and affected culture.



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