Week of April 15th

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Week of April 15th

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ELA PSSA WEEK* Students will test from Monday through Wednesday this week.* Thursday will be a regular instruction day.* There will be NO homework this week.* Students will be allowed to bring water, gum, and hard candy. * Please Make sure that your child brings an AR book to read every day, after assessments.

4th ELA- PSSA review- ELA: Figurative Language- Skills: metaphor, simile, idiom, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, onomatopoeiaSocial Studies:We will continue to read the "Historias del sendero de sirga" book (The Towpath).

5th ELA- PSSA review- Reading: Esperanza Renace- Skills: Reading Comprehension/Story StructureSocial Studies:We will begin to read chapter 16 from our textbook, "Manifest Destiny & the westward expansion".

WEEKLY TESTS/ASSIGNMENTS:LA/Reading & Social StudiesChains - Final test: 4/18/19Esperanza Renace - Chapter 1 test (Las uvas): 4/23/19¿Que tal?/Ahora Magazine: 5/03/19Google Slides - 4th MP: 5/04/19*Students will not be assigned homework, or be tested on PSSA days.


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