Week 7

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Week 7

This week we are going to start the development process of our ITU. This is the key assignment for this course. It is a great opportunity for you to take everything you have learned so far in your education and develop a very creative and engaging unit that your students will love and learn from.

We are going to try something different this semester. I normally have this assignment completed as a large group assignment, but there are inherent problems with online group work. However, I don't want to do this as an individual assignments because it is a pretty big undertaking. So, we are going to compromise. We are all going to work on all of the components of the ITU. We are then going to share certain elements. I will explain that more as we go. To avoid one person taking work from other people and not contributing their own, I will be requiring you to get permission to use a work created by another student. And you will give credit to that student as a co-author.

To get started we need to vote on a class theme.For this assignment, we are going to vote on two class themes. You will find a discussion section called Theme Vote. In the discussion you need to state the theme that you'd like to see and then write a rationale for your choice. You cannot just write that you want to do the theme someone else chose. If you agree with someone else, you must state that theme in your post and then write your own rationale.I need the themes stated by Saturday at 11:59pm. Starting Sunday (NO EARLY VOTING) you will reply to the theme that you want to vote for. Only vote for one theme. If there is a tie I will do another vote to finalize the choice. Votes must be in by Monday at 11:59pm. I will announce the themes on Tuesday. This is important to get done early as the next assignments will be dependent on the themes selected.




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