Week 7: Video Game Music

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by Aaron428PAVCS
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Week 7: Video Game Music

Music in Video Games

Since I had the choices of video game music, I thought I'd write about how the music in a game can drastically affect the experience of playing it. Bungie's title "Halo" would be an bovious choice, as its considered to have some of best music in the video game industry, but I thought I'd write about an older title that appeals to me more: Homeworld.

This is one of my favorite video games from the 90s, and the music is one of the main reasons for that.

The game takes place in an alternate universe, where humans discovered that the planet they're living on is not their place of origin, instead , it's the location where their mothership crashed thousands of years prior.

I love the different styles of music the game utilizes to tell the story. From Electronica and Progressive Rock, to Latin chants.

After banding together, and reverse engineering the craft, they reconstruct it, in order to return to their homeworld. Upon initially testing out the warp capabilities of the mothership, they discover that while they were gone, another alien race destroyed their planet, wiping out all of the humans that were not onboard the craft at the time. Now that they are stranded in space, they decide that the only option left is to locate and colonize their homeworld.

One of the main reasons I find this game so interesting is the choice of music. It features a combination of gloomy and somber Electronica. It really fortifies the depressing theme of the game, and that's something that I find very interesting about stories told through video games, as opposed to books.

Homeworld (The Ladder) Ending Song

Mothership Launch

(The famous Progressive Rock band Yes composed the ending theme specifically for this game. It's found in their 1999 album "The Ladder")

The music in the game is very enjoyable during the massive (and incredibly difficult) battle sequences. Deppending on your circumstances during a battle, you might have electric guitars and drums beating, or you might hear a depressing choir of Latin singers as your mothership explodes in the background.