Week 7 - 2

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Week 7 - 2

Also, this week you have several readings to help learn more about developing a unit and use of themes as a guiding element.

First, you need to read Chapter two of your text.

Next, read this article on Planning for instruction.

This article discusses Designing Interdisciplinary Units.

This article discusses the theoretical considerations of unit planning. Pay special attention to the mention of Multiple Intelligences.

Our unit is going to be an Interdisciplinary, Integrated, Thematic Unit.

This article discusses the webbed instructional design. This is the concept of themed units. We are using this model as the foundation of our unit construction.

In addition to our unit being themed, we are going to be integrating our lessons using the shared model. This article discusses the shared model of integration.

Models of integration can be combined to created engaging units of instruction. We are combining the Themed/Webbed and Shared Models to create out Interdisciplinary, Integrated, Thematic Unit. This article discusses how to combine models, included is also the Multiple Intelligences Model.

Finally, in preparation for next week's assignment, you need to find two websites that give good explanations, instructions, design considerations, etc. for creating a Thematic Learning Center using Multiple Intelligences. You might have to be creative in your search and may not be able to find one site that includes both Thematic Centers and Multiple intelligences. You will post both website addresses and summarize each website just like you did for the 5 E assignment. Your job is to learn everything you can about Thematic Learning Center using Multiple Intelligences. Reply to at least two other posts.





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