Week 3: Classical

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Week 3: Classical

attach a complete timeline to it. Luckily, the heydays of Classical music took place in what's called the Classical period, 1730-1820.


It was during this era that Mozart, Beethhoven, Bach, and Chopin all composed their greatest hits.

Classical music has been around since Medieval times, around 500 A.D., and it's still one of the most respected and easily recognizable forms of music today. Because it has been around for so long, it's hard to

These musicians that set the standard for well composed, and orchestrated, classical music.

Nothing is more famous than Mozart's "Eine Kline Van Nacht Musik", Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonota", or Chopin's "Raindrops'.

My personal favorites are the compositions of Beethoven. His music has a very dark tone, especially his piano solos, and I think that sets him apart from the other musicians of his time.

One of my favorite modern Classical composers is Atsushi Shirakawa. The simplicity of his pieces, combined with the sound of a piano and violin, I believe, are unmatched.

I don't know when to compromise when it comes to artsy backgrounds, or wordspace.


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