Week 1 Discussion 1

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Week 1 Discussion 1

5 strategies that Early Childhood Educators can utilize in the classroom to foster success.

1. Design instruction that focuses on all of the foundational literacy skills.

Children need to be prepared for kindergarten such as alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness.It is critical for children to understand the relationship between spoken language and oral language.

Interactive storybook readingGames and other activities to help children identify the letters of the alphabetInteractive experiences with language and print through poems, nursery rhymes, and songs

Encourage continued development in the home language

Children who have strong language skills in their home language are likely to develop strong language skills in their new language.

Incorporate children's home language in the classroom through books, songs, and videos as much as possible

Ensure that DLLs have ample opportunities to talk with both adults and peers and provide ongoing feedback and encouragement

DLLs need lots of opportunities to engage in social interactions with other children, but they also need support from adults as they develop the language skills they need to negotiate those interactions.

Pair DLL children with children who have strong English language skills, and don't group together children who speak the same home language

Teachers can send books home with the child in the child's home language to encourage families to continue use of the home language

Exposure to rich language, such as through book reading or through teacher talk, enhances children's oral language development.

A child with strong literacy skills in their home language will find it easier to develop these same skills in English.

Select books that have rich language and connect to children's home language and lives

Expose DLLs to rich language input

Recognize that many literacy skills can transfer across languages



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