Week 1 Assignment Apr 04 2015

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Week 1 Assignment Apr 04 2015

Week 1 Assignment:Glogster Poster

Why does religion exist?1. Religion exist soley exist as a manner to serve humanites needs in dealing with the life and death. Including, questions of what happens after death?2. Humans also pray to Divine Beings in accordance with suitable weather (rain dance), plentiful crops, and healthy bodies.

Religion:Religion is the belief that allows one to interact therefore, reaching out to a Higher Being than themselves as to join the human world to the scared world.

Briefly explain 3 practices which are common across religions.1. The belief of a Divine power which can be contacted through spritual exercises such as; fasting, bathing in ritualistic waters, and/or prayer.2. A person is designated as the connection to the Divine for believers. Catholics have a Priest, Christians have a Pastor. Native American's and African's have a Shamman.3. The beliefs of the religion are shared and practiced by a group of people.




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