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Weebly Hints

Hint No. 1: Naming your site - give it a name you can use in the future such as Mrs. SoandSo (not Mrs. SoandSo Grade 5 Room 8) in case you change grade levels or room.

Express Yourself!

Weebly Teacher Pages Hints

Hint No. 2: Add shortcut links to your browser's bookmark/favorite bar - one of 'Weebly Editor' and one for 'My Weebly' to make it easy to work on your web site.

Click the Weebly icon to go there.

Hint No. 3: Keep the information on the site up to date. It is easy to do with Weebly's editor - especially if you made a shortcut link.

Hint No. 4: Check out Mrs. Stone's "Express Yourself" links for fun ways to use technology to create & to publish to the Internet. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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