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Social Studies
World War II

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Wee Swien_3C_Hitler Leadership Abilities

-Hitler exploited fear by promising farmers and businessmen that he would help them if he got into power.-The Germans stated to trust that the Nazis will bring back into their communities

- Hitler reorganised the party by increased party membership.-Established the SA ( storm- troopers)and the SS ( defence corp).-Deliberately appealed to people's emotions rather than intellect.

Hitler Leadership Abilities

Nazi Ideology

Charisma and Oratorical Skills

Exploitation of Fears of Communism

Skilfulness at making deals with Politicians

Reorganisation of the Nazi Party


-HItler was a good political strategist by waiting for the right opportunity to take power.-Hitler wanted to be the chancellor but President Hindenburg distrusted him.-After few years, Hitler was being asked to be chancellor and ruled in a coalition government.- Hitler acted decisively to take complete control over the government.

-People listen to Hitler for hours and told them thing that they want to hear.-Powerful speaker and communicator with strong beliefs.-Hitler have use 3 catagories skills to gain support from the people which is:True Orator, Beer hall speeches and addressed people concerns.

-Gained Germans support due to Hitler promises and Ideology.- Claimed to fight to abolish the Treaty of Versailles, and establish a strong central government.- Seem to be the only right-wing party to compete with the left-wing party.


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