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The purpose or advantage of the wedge is to change the direction of the applied force. When the force is applied downward on a wedge, it is able to push outward in two directions.

A wedge is what make our life easier. It help us pick and lift heavy things and it also help us split things that is hard to cut.Wedge is what we use in everyday life for example a knife.

Wedge: a piece of wood,metal,or some other material having thick end and tappering to a thin edge,that is driven between two objects or more.

A wedge is a portable inclined plane,used either to seperate two objects or portions of objects

A fork is considered a wedge. It is made up for 4 to 5 wedge put together.It can be used to cut or split food.

A knife is a wedge with a sharpened edge that can cut object into pieces.

The cutting of knives,axes,chisels,ice picks, nails, pins, and needles.

Example of wedges

How does a wedge make our life easier?

A wedge helps us with simple things like cutting down a tree,slicing and apple, or zipping up your zipper. It applies the simple force needed to help everyday life

Khadija Hassan

Video of a wedge


Video of a wedge

we could always need wedges because we will always want to lift heavy objects and split some things apart in everyday life.


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