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How Reliable is it?

Is the information up to date?

What Kind of Website is it?&Who Publishes the Info?

Step 1

Take a Closer Look

Is the Website User Friendly?

Want More Info?

Step 2



Step 3

Step 4


Check the domain name .edu .org .com .ukFind where the information is coming fromKaiser, a University, a library

Can you find a date on the webpage?If you are looking for recent information, look for a current date. If you are looking for a historical event, older information may be ok for you.

Skim the information on the website and see if they are trying to share facts or if they are trying to sell you something.

Is the website already easy to use?If it isn't, is there information on who you can contact? Do they reply if you do contact them? search Evaluating Websites


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