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By: Taylor Edens

Website 1

www.alabamaoutdoors.comAuthority: The source of the document is a commerical vendor. There are no qualifications of a publisher listed. Accuracy: No publishers listed, however, there is info provided to contact the company. This is an advertising sales website. Most information given is personal opinions. Objectivity: There is biased information with customer reviews on the products while the company is trying to sell products. Currency: There is no date for when the web page was produced. It was last copyrighted in 2015 and the privacy policy last updated in 2011. Coverage: The website is free to view and easily accessible.

www.wikipedia.orgAuthority: The source is a nonprofit organization and there are no publisher qualifications because anyone can edit information. Accuracy: There is no way to contact the publisher of the page. There is only an automated e-mail listed. It is a meant to be a free online encyclopedia. Objectivity: Since everyone can post info to wikipedia, it is biased and sometimes false. Currency: The articles are updated regularly because anyone can update or report false information. The last update of an article is posted at the bottom of the page. Coverage: This website is free and easily accessible with basic software.

www.mayoclinic.orgAuthority: This is a nonprofit organization website.The qualifications of a publisher on this website contain a M.D. or PhD which are highly valued. Accuracy: Each page states that it was published by the Mayo Clinic Staff which are all listed in a directory with their degree and specialty. No public directories are listed but information is given to contact the main locations. Objectivity: There is no biased information and all informatino is factual and reviewed. The sole purpose if to give medical information to patients. Currency: This website was produced in 1998 and was last updated in 2016. The last update is listed at the bottom of each page. Coverage: Free and easily accessible

www.alabama.govAuthority: A branch of the government website. There are no publishers listed under articles. Accuracy: The institution of the website is listed and there is contact information given. It is a public website with information and news about Alabama. Objectivity: There is no biased information since it is an informative government based website. However, it is used as a website to appeal to tourists. Currency: There is no date of when the website was published. However, the pages contain the last update titled at the top. Coverage: The website is free and easily accessible for most computers.

www.owl.english.purdue.eduAuthority: This website is from an institution of higher education. The publishers and editors work at the college and are highly qualified.Accuracy: There is info provided to contact the publishers and editors of any questions or responses. The purpose of this website is to give valid information and instructions providing an online writing lab. Objectivity: There is no biased information because it is strictly informative. The author provides information regarding writing.Currency: The web page was produced in 1995 and was last updated in 2016. The links therefore are up to date. Coverage: This is an entirely free, informative website that is easily accesible with a computer.



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