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Here's some elements

Webquest Glog: By Jared Montgomery

What is a Webquest?

Webquests are defined as inquiry based lessons, that provide students with the opportunity to develop their own perspective to an open ended question.

Webquest promote inquiry based learning.


The elements of the webquest should provide students with a time to collaborate and provide time to analyze multiple sources about the topic, webquests both require some pre-requisites, such as computer skills, a topic that provides multiple perspectives to the open ended questions, and material or media that can be comprehended at the students literacy level. Students must have a strong understanding with using a computer or an online media device, and have competence with using the internet.

Example of a Webquest?

The "Back to School Shopping Extravaganza!" gives students are $500 to spend on back to school supplies and clothing for the new year. Students are expected to spend all the money while shopping online. The goal of the webquest is teach real life application of how percent is used in sales, taxes, and how it affects their purchase.



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