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"Dovie'andi se tovya sagain"

The Eelfin grant wishes, just as the Aelfinn answer questions. Mat wished to be free from Aes Sedai channeling, and the Eelfin gave him the Foxhead Medallion, which, as long as Mat wearsit, keeps him safe from Aes Sedai weaves. It grows cold when they chaecently, he has discovered that it is the only thing that can hurt thegholam, a Dark creaturethat is trying to kill him, so it would also keep him safe and alive fom the gholam.

Mat would never go anywhere without his dice. It is said many times by many people that with any game of chance, he has "The Dark One's own luck." Mat is not likely to lose a game, and you would be a fool to bet against him. Once, in TGS, Mat won supplies for his military unit, Shen An Calhar, with just a few dice games. When the dice in his head start rolling, something important is about to happen.

The Gathering StormBy Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Jak O'the Shadows is a song from Mat's Manetheran memories. It has been lost since the days of the Trolloc Wars, yet with the bringing back of Shen An Calhar, Mat has brought back Jak. Jak O' theShadows is, essentially, death. It is a song about wdancing with death and embracing it, which, despite Mat's insistance about staying alive, is a dance he steps every day. This particular verse is one that was written by The Band of the Red Hand, and is their own personal war song, equal in meaning to the Aiel's Wash the Spears.

"I'm no lord. I've more respect for myself than that."

The Ashandarei is important to Mat. Having recieved it from the Eelfinn before he had died and lived again, he has kept the spear at his side. It has become his signature weapon. The ashandarei is decorated with ravens, which interests Tuon, Mat's eventual wife. When Mat marries Tuon,he becomes Prince of the Ravens, which matches the description of the spear.

Jak O' the Shadows

Matrim "Mat" Cauthon

"I may be a fool, but I intend to be a live fool."

"But my delight, yes always mineIs to dance with Jak O’ the Shadows"

"Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin"

In The Great Hunt, Mat blows the Horn of Valere, bindin him for the rest of his life to the Hor, meaning he is the onlyone alive who can blow the Horn and call forth the hero's of the stories, Birgitte Silver Bow, Gaidal Cain, and Artur Hawkwing, among others. Mat would bring the Great Horn because, if he is attacked, which, due to the Manetheran memories, he is always expecting, he has a force that will protect him from any oncming army. THe hero's that the Horn calls forth cannot be killed, which makes them invaluable as soldiers.



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