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web2.0 tools

Class Chatter:A free, safe weblog for the classroom.Classroom Uses:* Student Reflection* Student Peer Review* Assignment Blogs* Bellringers

AnimotoCreate slideshowsClassroom Use:* Embed in Website or wiki* Replace a PPT* Introduce yourself to class* Digital Story*Any subject project like Civil War.

Edmodo:"Facebook like interface. Can be used for "social networking" in class or collaboration between student groups and the teacher. Teacher can upload assignments or files, add polls, and students can respond in their own time.Classroom Uses:* Group Discussion* Collaboration* Access to Resources* Class calendar with due dates* Current Events* Online Homework Helper

Voxopop Audio Discussion ZoneA discussion zone for students to voice their opinions.Classroom Uses:* Student feedback* Alternative to speech given in class.* Alternative for students with poor handwriting.

Best of Web 2.0 Tools for Educators

Eldon R-1 School District

Face your manga:Free easy to use avatar creator. Great for promoting students safety.

Picnik:A free online photo editing program that allows you to share and print images.Classroom Uses:* Enhance images* Name Tags* Blog Headers* Create a picture book* Illustrate short stories or poems

Jam Studio:Create your own music. (Teacher's get free accounts)Classroom Uses:* Create unique compositions for digital storytelling, podcast, glog, website, slide show, or music class.

Xtranormal:Allows you to make videos in which you choose your character(s) and backgroundThe student must write the script and the computer will generate a voice for each character.Classroom Uses:* Encourages relucant readers* Book Reviews* Introduce themselves & add to their blog* Social Studies, timeline of events or war* Speeches (predict what one might say)* Digital storytelling

Wallwisher or StixyClassroom Uses:* Generate/Brainstorm ideas* Ask questions* Ticket out the door* Feedback!* Cooperative Learning/Talking Chips

Storybird:Free collaborative storytelling with family, friends or classmates.Classroom Uses:* Create short stories without focusing on the illustrations* Inspire relucant readers* Allows for creativity* Promotes collaborationNOTE: You can sign up for a teacher account, then create a class, add assignments and collaborate.

Read The Words:Text to speech.Classroom Use:* Students type a story and download then post to blog or podcast.* Alternative to having someone else read to the student.


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