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Web Glog 2.0

Uses for Teachers:1. Gives students more access to a deeper understanding of content area and topics.2. Connections to not only US but globally through video.3. Flipped classroom application, where students will know material before they come to class.4. Give students inspiration for wanting to learn.5. Being able to create a Youtube channel for your classroom and using those videos to teach lessons or concepts that are difficult to teach without a visual representation.Uses For Students:1. Review material for upcoming exams.2. Entertainment purposes when learning material.3. Students being able to become the teacher and teach their own lesson own the topic.4. Learnig how to use technology with traditional methods.5. Speed up learning process for accelerated students and slow down learning process for students that are struggling.General Applications:1. Entertainment2. Making and Customizing Videos3. Independent Learning4. Reviewing for Lessons/Exams5. Keeping Up on Current News and Issues.


"Broadcast Yourself"

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1) February 14, 2005-PayPal alums Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim create YouTube.2) April 23, 2005-"Me at the Zoo" becomes the first video posted to the site.3) December 15, 2005-YouTube officially debuts.4) October 6, 2006-Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion.5) October 12, 2009-Youtube passes 1 billion videos.

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