[2015] Christine Ballasedis: Web Browsers

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[2015] Christine Ballasedis: Web Browsers

FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternert Explorer Opera Safari

The worldwide web and the internet are 2 different things. Google is currently the most used web browser. One can search in your browser's privacy mode.

Fun Facts

Web Browsers

Some web browsers are...

-released in 2008-combines the search bar and the address bar in one field -contains a built-in PDF viewer which allows to open PDF's faster -Chrome's security makes the browser safer and has a built-in anti-malware and anti-phising system that is automaticslly updated -a warning page is shown before continuing to a page that has bad comtent -variety of personailzation applications allow personalization to become avaliable

Google Chrome

-started in 1995-I.E. explorer supports Java -initally called microsoft internet explorer -first graphical web browser

a softward application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the world wide web

Internet Explorer



-A web browser developed by Opera Software-Opera has been noted for origninating many features later adopted by other browsers


-Browser that is intalled on every Mac -works with iCloud (apple)-Available on iOS and Android devices -Ranked third in terms on U.S. web browsers -Rated high in security (14 out of 17)


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