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Web 2.0 Tools

Pinterest is an amazing resource that allows people to share information. Pinterest has it all and it's FREE!!!

YouTube helps anyone share a video by allowing uploads. It's very user friendly as well. It's FREE!!!

Screencast-o-matic is a user friendly tool that I use frequently. It helps to do voice overs on presentations. It's FREE!!!

Prezi is like an interactive powerpoint. It's so much more organized and interesting to watch! It's FREE!!!

Glogster is an awesome interactive page lets you present any topic. Glogster is very user friendly!

Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 has changed the way students and teachers present! From participatory web, social web and user focused web, Web 2.0 tools meet and cater to all needs. Either amatuer or professional, web 2.0 tools can help!

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This is an example of a glog I did for another class. I used Screencast-o-matic and youtube.


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