Web 2.0 tools Article analysis

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Web 2.0 tools Article analysis

Its a great resource for the classroom!

Web 2.0 Tools and the Reflections of Preservice Secondary Science TeachersExamined in this study are preservice teachers' reflections on their teaching methods. It states that the use of blogs can enhanse evaluation of lessons and aid in higher quality reflections. Teachers can use blogs to reflect on their own work and receive feedback from other teachers. This is very beneficial to teachers all over because they may receive ideas from other people in which they had not originally thought of.

Web 2.0 Tool Article Analysis

Teachers and Web 2.0 Tools in Education

Examined in this article is teacher’s use of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom, their pedagogical benefits of these tools, and their willingness to adopt these tools into their classroom. The study showed that the majority of teacher use social networking tools and social video tools the most. Teachers reported having positive experiences with these Web 2.0 tools and would gladly use them to enhance learning.

The Benefits of Web 2.0- Easy to intergrate into the classroom- Improve students' overall learning- Improve students' writing skills-Increase student-faculty interaction

ConclusionThese articles discuss the importance in Web 2.0 tools. Not only do students benefit from these tools, teachers can use these tools for their benefit too. They are great tools to get people excited to learn in a creative way. Web 2.0 tools can help people communicate and collaborate on projects. It is very easy to share ideas in order to further our learning and understanding. In the past, teachers thought that it was cheating for students to collaborate and work on homework or projects together. Today, Web 2.0 tools make it evident that sharing and collaborating is what makes us better learners.



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