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Web 2.0 by Shauna

"A shift from traditional journals to blogs can facilitate interactivity that augment's refelective practice."


Try having students blog in small groups. This can lead to closer relationships among group members, and can reduce the amount of entries a teacher needs to read.-(A reccomendation from Anderson & Matkins)

-Anderson & Matkins

Users can subscribe to podcasts and look at past archives too!

Podcasts are a great option for schools, because of their portability. A user does not need to be at a computer to access it.



Emphasizes sharing and interactivity

"Web 2.0 has the potential to forever alter the way human knowledge is constructed and disseminated"-Teachers and Web 2.0 Tools in Education

A series of audio or video recording on the internet that can often be re-played without internet access on other devices such as iPods.


Try having students make their own podcasts about different topics of study!

Great Idea for Wiki Use!An "FAQ Wiki" can be a great place for collaboration between stduents and teachers. Students can post questions, and the teacher and other students can anwer. All questions would be easily available for browsing this way.

And so much more!

Great for group work!



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