Weathering: Action of freezing water ~! :)

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Weathering: Action of freezing water ~! :)

Water expands when it freezes. So when water enters the cracks in a rock and freezes it expands and pushes the cracks further apart. When the water melts in can travel further into the bigger cracks making the cracks even bigger when the water freezes again. This process occurs continuously until the crack is big enough to break a piece of the rock off.


Action of Freezing Water:

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Frost weathering is a collective term for several mechanical weathering processes induced by stresses created by the freezing of water into ice. The term serves as an umbrella term for a variety of processes such as frost shattering, frost wedging and cryofracturing. The process may act on a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, from minutes to years and from dislodging mineral grains to fracturing boulders



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