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Cold front- a front in which cold air is replacing warm air at the surface.

Warm front- a front in which warm air replaces cooler air at the surface.

weather by jamesvincion


1.Cirrus are high white clouds with a silken2.Cumulus are clouds which rise in towers from a level low base.3.Stratus are extensive layers or flat patches of low clouds without detail.4.Cirrostratus is cirrus so abundant as to fuse into a layer.5.Cirrocumulus is formed of high clouds broken into a delicate wavy or dappled pattern.6.Stratocumulus is a low-level layer cloud having a dappled, lumpy, or wavy structure.7.Altocumulus is similar to stratocumulus at intermediate levels.8.Altostratus is a thick, layer cloud at intermediate levels.9.Nimbostratus cloud with a low base from which drain or snow falls.10.Cumulonimbus is a cumulus which makes a rain or snow shower.

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