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Weather and Climate

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What's weather?"Weather is what the sky and the air outside are like-cloudy, snowy, sunny, or windy."Severe weather is when weather advances to a dangerous state that threatens the lives or safety of people.-All informaiton from Weather by Lorrie Mack

Earth gets it's energy and light from the sun. Evaporation, condensation, wind, and precipitation are all driven by the sun, thus the sun controls our weather.

Power of the Sun

"Clouds are made of droplets of water. When a cloud takes on more and more moisture, the droplets get bigger. Eventually, they get so heavy that they fall to the ground as drops, small ones are called drizzle, and big, heavy ones are called rain."


"Clouds are made from drops of water. The amount of water in each cloud, its height, and the air temperature dedtermine what kind it is. There are three main types-stratus, cumulus, and cirrus, and lots of combinations of these."-"Clouds that have nimbus or nimbo in their name are rain clouds."


"When the air is cold, the moisture in clouds freezes into ice crystals wihtout turning into rain first. These crystals stick together and float to the ground as smowflakes."-"Most snowflakes look like lacy, six-pointed stars, but some have very different shapes."


"Air is restless and moves all the time. When it moves quickly enough for yu to feel it on your face, it is called wind. Some winds blow all by themselves in one place-others are part of a big, wavy pattern that covers Earth."-"The lightest winds are called breezed, the strongest are gales."



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