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Earth Sciences

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TornadoesForm when a thunderstorm meets high altitude, horizontal windssource: study guideImage:

Cyclone:Forms when moist, warm air rises over the ocean, creating low air pressure below. This cycle repeats. Spinning air and clouds are created by the warm ocean and evaporation of water.Source:

Cold Front:Forms when cold air overtakes warm air, pushing warm, less dense air upwardSource: study guideImage:

Types of Weather

Hurricane:Form over warm, tropical water, when warm air rises quickly, condenses, and releases energy.source: study guideimage: National Geographic

Blizzards:Form when there is cold air, moisture, and wind that flows upward. Often form from cold fronts when cold air , winds, and moisture meet.Source: All About BlizzardsImage:

Thunderstorms:Form when warm, humid air rises and cold air sinks, clouds form, and water droplets grow.Source:

Fog:Fog occurs when a stratus cloud is so low it is on our ground level!source: tropicalweather.netimage:

Sleet:Forms when snow falls and melts in a warmer layer of air, turning to rain, (or when rain falls) and then passes through a layer below freezing, turning it into frozen balls of ice.source: tropicalweather.netimage:

Dust Storm:Forms when wind blows across a dry, arid, and dusty or sandy region, accumulating a cloud of dust that is carried along. Often occurs in deserts.Source and image:

Hail:Although it is still being researched to find the exact process, hail forms when ice is carried on an updraft and new coats of ice continue to add on, making the hail grow larger.source: tropicalweather.netimage:



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