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Earth Sciences

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Fog is formed from many water droplets bonding with other paricles during days with close to 100% humidity.

Hail forms from ice pellets adding layers of ice as they are shaken withn a cumulonimbus cloud.


Lightning forms from the build up of electrons or negative charges in clouds that are attracted to positive charges in other clouds or on the ground.

Ten different types of weather

Sandstorms form when very stong wind blows long enough to lift sand grains up off the ground. This acts to loosen the surface sand, causing it to propel into the air. The wind picks up loose sand and moves on creating sandstorms.

Sleet is created by rain passing through a cold layer of air and then freezes into ice pellets as it falls to the ground.

Hurricanes form over tropical waters and originate as tropical storms, moisture evaporates and the storm rises until large amounts of heated moist air twist high in the atmosphere.

Thunderstorms are caused by warm air rising and cold air sinking.

Tiny drops of condensation stick together high in the atmosphere. If the temperature in the higher atmosphere is cold enough, these tiny drops start to freeze and become ice crystals, thus producing what we know as snow.

Tornadoes form from fast winds which create air rotation. A funnel cloud is then created by the air rotation which then touches the ground and becomes a full-fledged tornado.

Floods are creatred by an excess amount of rain in an extended period of time. (this does not fall into the category of climate because flood's are temporary)






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