Weather Types

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Weather Types

Dust Storms are created by winds moving across an arid region.

Freezing rain occurs when a thin layer of freezing or below freezing air exists near the earth's surface.

Weather Types

Advection fog is produced by a hortizontal motion of warm moist air over colder ground.

Hurricanes are created when ocean water is warm enough and can put enough heat and moisture that can be put in the atmosphere. Then moisture from sea waterevaporation can combine with heat and energy. Thirdly a wind pattern needs to be near the surface of the ocean.Then thunderstorms form and the winds need to be light in order to form a hurricane.

Tornadoes are created by warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and cold dry air from Canada. When the two air masses meet they make an unstable atmosphere. There needs to be a change of direction and increase of speed in order to get a spinning effect. There is going to bean area of rotation where most of the time the tornadoes form in there.

Snow is created by water vapor, and when warm air rises and cools it can't hold much of the water vapor so it condenses and turns into tiny dust and then they turn into tiny droplets which will come turn into a cloud.

Hail is caused when raindrops are lifted up into the atmosphere during a thunderstorm and then cooled by temperatures below freezing, turning them into ice balls.

Wind is caused by an imbalance of heating from the sun.

Thunderstorms need moisture, unstable air, and lift in order to form. You need moisture to form clouds and rain. You need unstable air that is warm and can rise quickly. Then lift in order to have a thunderstorm.

Sleet is created when snow falls into air above freezing and melts into rain drops.


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