Weather types

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Weather types

oceans lose water through evaporation. the water floats upwards and condenses into clouds. once the water droplets in the clouds are heavy enough they fall back to earth

air pressure is normal, wind speeds are constant, are the temperature is normal resulting in clear skies

Weather types

Cold fronts form when cold air overtakes warm airThe cold, dense air pushes the less dense warm air upward.

water and heat from the ocean's surface rise into the air and condense releasing energy, powering the hurricane

tornadoes form when a thunderstorm meets high altitude horizontal winds

water droplets freeze in the air and strong uplifts keep the droplets airborne until gravity makes them fall

water condenses into tiny droplets in the atmoshpere and turn into ice crystals by cold air

ice particles in the cloud bump into eachother and the collisions create a negative charge int he cloud. the most charged part of the ground strikes the ground as lightning

Fog begins to form when water vapor condenses into tiny liquid water droplets in the air

onr single large cloud or many clouds blurred together form overcast skies



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