Weather Types

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Earth Sciences

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Weather Types

Sleet: Created when snow falls into air above freezing and melts into rain drops.

Fog: Produced by a horizontal motion of warm, moist air over colder ground.

Weather Types

Hurricanes: Warm air moving over the warm, tropical ocean water rises rapidly, condenses, and releases energy.

Lightning: Caused by a discharge of energy in the atmosphere.

Dust Storm: Created by winds moving across a dry, arid region.

Hail: Caused by super cooled water droplets that are carried to high altitudes in an updraft, and then fall as ice.

Snow: Snowflakes, made as water ice crystalizes, accumulate on the ground as snow.

Sunny: Caused by a high pressure area dominating the weather pattern.

Tornado: Tornadoes form when a thunderstorm meets high altitude horizontal winds. The winds cause the warm, rising air in the thunderstorm to rotate, which may develop a narrow, spinning cloud (a tornado).

Wind: Caused by an imbalance of heating from the sun.

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