Weather Types

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Earth Sciences

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Weather Types


Rain occurs when the water droplets that form clouds condense to a point where they are so heavy, they fall to the ground as rain.Source

Thunderstorms form when warm, moist air collides with another air mass and rises rapidly.Source

Hail is formed when ice pellets are bounced up and down in the colder parts of a storm cloud, collecting more water droplets that freeze to it until it grows so big that it falls to the ground.Source

Sleet occurs when rain drops freeze as they fall through particularly cold air, forming small ice pellets.Source

Snow happens when the temperature in the clouds drops below the freezing point, and the water vapor forms into ice crystals.Source

Droughts are the result of a drop in precipitation. Prolonged droughts are extremely harmful, as they cause the soil to dry up which in turn causes famine.Source

Dust storms can occur during droughts. Dry, small particles of soil can be picked up by strong winds and carried hundreds of miles in a large cloud-like formation.Source

Acid rain is a type of rain considering higher-than-normal amounts of several acids, usually caused by pollution. Acid rain is very hazardous.Source

Fog is essentially a cloud that forms near ground level. It usually is caused by rain that cools and moistens the air or by a warm air mass passing over snow.Source

Tornadoes occur during severe thunderstorms. They are caused by instability and updrafts and downdrafts.Source



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